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    I have made a module for the pet bar: FlexBar2_PetBar (http://www.wowace.com/wiki/FlexBar2_PetBar)
    If you want to implement it cnc, go for it.

    I tried this out, but didn't understand that it was a module at first ^^
    Anyway. When entering and haven created the petbar, it still stays there downunder although I don't have a pet out. How to get rid of it? I suppose it would be through slashies and attribute settings :)
    And second, with this module on, all the button icons are gone :O The actions are still there, but no icons :S

    I have also had the idea to show 2 buttons for poison handling (will only show up when there are no poisons on the weapons). Is this possible? And if so, would anyone please point me into the direction of how to do so? :)
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