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    This morning I was having odd troubles with my KTM meter (it would be locked into places off screen) so I decided to get Omen from WowAceUpdater. After I installed that along with updating all my Ace2 addons, I deleted KTM from my Addon folder manually. Now, when I go into the game ALL of my Ace2 addons are gone! However, when I go back into the character screen and check my addons there, it shows all my Ace2 addons loaded and enabled, except Ace2 (which has gone missing). I've installed Ace2 again, and I can load the Ace2 menu from ingame via "/ace2", but it doesn't show up on my addons list (which I'm not too sure if it was ever there to begin with). Is there anyone who may know a solution to this problem?

    Thanks for any help.
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