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    posted a message on LibRock reporting as broken: Fubar addons go caput
    Got a Libroc Error after today update from 5mins ago

    Attached error

    Edit. I got an lvl 1 toon with no other addons but Fubar. Same error
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    posted a message on Grid
    Grid version :r17574
    WoW version :1.12 enUS
    What you were doing when the bug occured ?
    - ERROR :Always shows up when in BG, specially AV

    What happened (ie. what the bug is) ?
    Error Message shows on the screen

    Any error messages if applicable ?
    Interface\Addons\Grid\GridStatusAura.lua:300: bad argument #1 to Strlower '(string expected, got nil)

    A screenshot if it is a graphical bug
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