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    sorry if this has already been asked, but can i just copy shortcuts of my mp3's to the (Interface\Addons\MusicStream\Music\MyMusic\) folder? i have my mp3's stored elsewhere on my hard drive and would like to avoid having to move them all if i could.

    If you're using NTFS 5.1 or better (i.e. your computer was formatted NTFS with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista) you can make a directory junction (or a symlink instead, on Vista) to your music directory so as not to need to copy everything.

    Do be careful if you later wish to delete that junction; you cannot do it from Windows Explorer (on 2000 or XP), as it will simply delete all of your music along with the junction. You have to use the tool you used to create the junction to delete it (or any other tool that actually understands junction points).

    Sadly when I tried this addon I found that it had spotty support at best for unicode fields (generate.exe could not open files named e.g. "08 ミッドナイトスナック.mp3") . Plus I had some songs with some id3 fields blank so there was an issue for that. There's probably not really a way around the unicode issue, as I don't think the WoW client will display it (IME input gets converted to ????s).
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