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    Please add an option to disable the spell truncate feature. I've been using an older version just to get around this.
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    Auras are skipping a line on the self frame and the target frame if that creature gets a 2nd line of BUFF auras


    There's an empty line above my health bar where I want my auras to be (I want them to appear like the Gruul debuffs do). The empty line above my health bar will NOT be populated with debuffs (or anything else for that matter) if I get any, they will show up to the right of the cheese buff (and if Gruul has buffs I can see, they will appear to the right of the Misery/SW:P/deep wounds/Immolate/etc and be under the Mangle (2)). This is happening on the self and target frames.

    My relevant settings are Aura Growth direction up, Aura Split disabled, Flip Buffs/Debuffs disabled, Layout settings set to auras on top. Note that if I enable Aura Split, it will skip 2 lines instead.

    This bug does not occur if I set layout settings are set to any other direction (ie, it won't skip a line if I set it on the bottom instead). Auras will also display properly if I (or the target) have only 1 line of auras. It's possible this is affecting other frames as well, but these are the only frames I have auras set to be on top.
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