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    I just got the latest Cartographer along with Cartographer_QuestObjectives and Cartographer_Quests from the SVN. After poking around on the Cartographer boards I found a nice compiled DB so downloaded and extracted to "$WoWDir\WTF\Account\$AcctName\SavedVariables" The 2 files in the DB were "Cartographer_QuestObjectives.lua" and "Cartographer_Quests.lua". After reloading WoW and verifying that all 3 Cartographer addons were enabled, I logged into my little lvl 1 gnome. I pulled up the map (The nice HUD Cartographer one) but there were no quest icons!. I ran around a little and found some NPC's with quests but nothing ever appears on the main map. If I pull up the preferences for Cartographer I see a sub-section for "QuestObjectives", but nothing at all about "Quests". It's as if the "Quest" module is not loading.

    The point to this whole ramble was this: Is there a way to tell for sure if "Cartographer_Quests" is actually loaded? If it's not, is there a way to manually load it?

    Many thanks!

    P.S. These are brand spank'n new off the SVN (WowAceUpdater). If anyone thinks that's the problem let me know and I'll go get'm from Curse or something.
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