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    posted a message on Postman - Building a better mailbox
    Great addon.

    I found a small bug though. It seems to be impossible to mail wrapped gifts when postman is enabled. This is because this line:

    item = "1x" .. link .. " "

    within this context:
    function Postman:SendMail()
    if name then
    _, link = GetItemInfo(name)
    if count > 1 then
    item = count .. "x" .. link .. " "
    attach = item
    item = "1x" .. link .. " "
    attach = item
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    posted a message on Bug in Threat 2.0
    So I am a Shadow Priest, was doing Bloodboil, and got Insignificance which should reduce my threat to nothing while active. But according to Omen (via Threat 2.0) I was still generating threat.

    So I did some digging. I found no problems with the Bloodboil code so dug a little deeper and found this possible oversight...

    This is how healing threat is handled:
    threat = threat * 0.5 * self:threatMods()

    This is how mana / power gains are handled:
    self:AddThreat(amount * 0.5)

    Now I could be completely wrong about this... But doesn't that mean that all power gains are ignoring all threat reduction modifiers? Including the 0% modifier in Bloodboil?

    PS - Lines taken from ThreatClassModuleCore.lua, lines 934, 936, and 955
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