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    Great addon!

    As a functionality suggestion, I was wondering how difficult it would be to implement a 'user-created' hidden-cooldown tracking feature.

    For an example: You have an item like the 'Band of the Eternal Restorer' which has a chance to give the wielder a proc with the same name. The user would specify name of the item proc, the length of the item proc, and the hidden-cooldown(typically found from forum discussion) and cooldownButtons could then display the cooldown for that proc every time it activates.

    I don't really know if its a feasible idea, but it would be a nice addition to this great addon.

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    same for me.
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    yeah its a bummer :( This addon's combination of simplicity and functionality was great and I hope that it can find a way to live on.
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    A raid frame organization enhancement would be really nice :). By organization I mean something along lines of a menu that can control linked dragging of the raid frames, spacing between groups, etc.

    For example, for CTRA I found a mod called FixCTGroups ( available at http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-4421-fixctgroups.html ).

    I use this to make sure my raid frames are always organized and this makes the task very easy.

    Just a thought..anyway, thanks for some really great unit frames!

    Oh one more thing, is there a way to disable Ctrl+clicking to bring the menu up on the unit frames?

    UPDATE: I found out how to remove Ctrl+clicking. For anyone else interested just search ag_UnitClass.lua for IsControlKeyDown().
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