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    posted a message on Extract Gas not collecting
    I guess I found a solution for this bug:
    The function COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED in Talismonger-3.0.lua contains
    if unit and tracked_nodes[unit] then

    The variable unit isn't even defined in this function.
    I replaced this line with
    if tracked_nodes[dstName] then

    now it seems to work correctly.

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    posted a message on minimap drawing bug with Cartographer_Routes-r58401
    After upgrading to the latest release of the Routes module I noticed that routes drawn on the mini map don't match the nodes on the map. The pattern still looks right, but there seems to be some weird scaling factor making the route drawn bigger than it should...
    On the world map everything is OK.
    Switching back to r58366 fixed this problem.
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