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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    Quote from GriffinTx
    also have a question about the aura's.

    for my own debuff's there is the spiral option and the time option. i wanted to use the spiral option so i could still see the debuff icon but it still puts the time in minutes/seconds over the icon like the time option does. i can't for the life of me find a way to get rid of the actual time out of the debuff icon while still keeping the grey spiral counting it down.

    i have the same issue. omnicc was causing the timeleft texts to be shown inside the auras. since omnicc doesnt have a lot of options in its configuration window, my only workaround atm is to set the pb4 aura icon size to a value <= 16. based on my omnicc font size it now cant display the cooldown anymore b/c it doesnt seem to fit inside the icon.

    so btw, im looking for an alternative to omnicc, that allows me to only show the cooldown on the action bar buttons, and doesnt interfere with buffs/debuffs..hints? :)
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    posted a message on Grid2 - What it is, and what it's not

    at first i have to say i simply love the appearance and features of grid. i am not a healer, but i am raid leader and like to keep track of everything thats going on during an encounter. however i am still using sRaidframes for raid frames.
    grid is so much more compact overall and i often tried the switch between addons, but it never lasted longer than a few days before i reverted back.

    the main reason for this is that at a some point sRaidframes came up with a wonderful feature displaying special abilities and skills on the players frames (priests who are in shadowform, show who is innervated, tanks who activated survival skills like shield wall or last stand and the text display lasting for the duration of the effect, and indicating who is DI'd by a paladin, etc).

    now i'm not that into grid & its config,and i also couldnt play wow for a while, so thats why im wondering if grid ever had, grid2 has or grid2 will ever have that same feature (e.g. through text indicator)?

    if that would/will be the case, i would never throw grid away again :)
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    posted a message on OptiTaunt - Official Thread
    an option to modify the class whispers would be nice :)
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