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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    does exist a possiblity to prevent autobar from loading the default categories or to delete them?

    i only want to show up my own categories and buttons in the config menu?

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    posted a message on Parrot 1.0
    Activate Filter for Outgoing DoTs (example: Fireball Ticks,...)

    In Current Rev (60067)

    Open Data/CombatEvents.lua

    go to line 1010 which should be

    change it to
    	filterType = { "Outgoing damage", 'amount' },

    Now DoT's should be filtered out if they are under the Amount which you can define in Filter -> Outgoing Damage

    Maybee one of the Parrot Dev's can add it to the SVN so we don't need to do this change again after a parrot update

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