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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Tonight on Hyjal event have mass problem with Raid warings
    I know it's not Bigwigs core but a linked lib

    AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:299: SendChatMessage(): Invalid escape code in chat message

    and no raid warnings diffused in raid

    Could you help me ??

    Im on a fr client
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    posted a message on HeadCount - Raid attendance and loot tracker
    I have a problem.

    When I end a raid I cannot export. => Unable to export. An active raid cannot be exported
    If I click on end active raid => Unable to end active raid because no raid is currently active

    Error is present after a reboot

    I can Export last raid only when a new raid as begun

    Can you help me ??

    PS : Im on a french realm
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    The VR Bug is very Annoying...

    Did someone know when it will be reviewed by Blizzard (official thread

    Is there a Walktrought for BW to saw the Orbs ??

    I saw a modification in last big wigs version regarding VR encounter what do this modification ??
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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    I have same problem as above

    I only see threat from people having ktm running
    no data from omen player
    the omen people can not see me but ktm people can...

    If I do a group check the people I see are those who dont use Threat 1.0 :-o

    actually i have ktm AND omen but only ktm show me everyone (and with the 2 running, people having ktm see me)

    I Will take a print screen asap
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