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    Hi all,
    I apologize if this question was already done, but I couldn't find a correct answer.
    Before 2.4 my recount resetted the fights data every time I enter or leave combat. Then, right clicking on the title bar, I could easly access the data collected in the previous combats.
    Now my recount records all the figths data and I have to manually reset it every time.

    If anyone could kindly tell me the options to check or uncheck to have the data cancelled every time I enter or leave combat, would be a gret thing :)

    Thank you for infos and thanks for the great work you guys do!

    ps: sorry for my english :p
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    same problem here with the illegal characters path ç.ç
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    posted a message on Grid
    Good work with grid :D
    I use grid in conjunction with clique and i found this combo very powerfull :)

    However there is a way to hide the background frame of grid? not only the alpha=0% thing, because when i click with my right mouse button to rotate the view i found that i can't because there is the background frame of grid
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    Hi all,
    I tried to search a 3d on BattlegroundFU but i didnt found the author post, so i'll post a new thread :)

    I installed the latest version but this dont show me anything. It dont show me the queue nor the bg objectives....

    The Mod is loaded rightly and it gives me no error... Dunno if i need other addons to make it work or what ç.ç
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