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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    Bleh annoying to register to make one post, but anyway:

    I wanted to use ag_UnitFrames to display raid bars, and it worked perfectly except for one thing: I couldn't see which groups had buffs! No room on left/right and above/below clashed with the other bars...

    So I added RightJustify.

    unitclass.lua Line 770 from the source I had:
    	elseif ( position == "Right") then
    		self.Aura1:SetPoint("LEFT",self.frame,"RIGHT",0, yadjust)
    	elseif ( position == "RightJustify") then
    		self.Aura1:SetPoint("RIGHT",self.frame,"RIGHT",0, yadjust)
    	if ( position == "Left" or position == "RightJustify") then
    		for i=2,20 do
    unitframe.lua Line 1011 from the source i had:
    				validate = {"Right", "Left", "Above", "Below", "RightJustify"},

    That worked! ;) Just thought I'd throw this out there.
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