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    Great add-ons, looking for this kind of add-on for age (will delete my excel sheet)

    Now my suggestion : Are you planning to add quest requirement for gear. Let's me explain. My alt toon it's a tankadin (lvl 48) who most of the pre-kara gear coming from quest. So, if Wishlist could send a warning when a quest it's done before turning it to remember to take that gear would be nice. But, just a way to enter a note has requirement (to enter quest name, giver and zone) would be nice too.

    Another suggestion: A way to enter gem, enchantment and requirement for the two on the gear. The 100% phase could be complete only when gear got both.

    That what just some suggestions, so, continue with the great work...

    P.S. Sorry if my english it's not so good, I'm a french canadian....
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