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    Lets be honest- just as much as wowmatrix wouldn't exist without the community to provide interesting content worth updating, it also wouldn't exist if the community provided a satisfactory method of obtaining and using the interesting content. WAU did a superb job of addressing this issue. WoWMatrix does an ok job. CurseClient is currently doing a horrible job. It would have been better if they started with WAU as a base and then bastardized it from there to add the user login, pay for services, etc.

    They've addressed the issues of displaying addon author, site, and description so there is no disconnect between authors and end users. From my personal perspective I use AdBlock in firefox 100% of the time simply because in this day and age ads are just as likely to be malware that can infect you. Why take the risk.

    The only remaining relevant issues are that wowmatrix displays ads to cover their own costs, which isn't going to generate nearly as much revenue as navigating to each of the individual pages would have... and the fact that wowmatrix doesn't fail nearly as bad at providing a decent end user experience as the curse client currently does.

    Bravo to curse for trying to implement something that's been sorely needed for years. I hope they keep working on their client and make it into something usable someday. But the bottom line is that right now it's simply not stable enough for me to use.
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    Quote from Kaelten
    I'm not sure the exact numbers.... but its ... impressive.

    This is probably due in part to the fact that many users are having problems converting from WAU and are updating first, finding that doesn't work and then trying to download a full set of mods only to find that didn't work either.

    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the bandwidth was easily 3-4x anything in the past, and since this is the biggest wow update in recent memory it could easily have surpassed these numbers as well.

    EDIT: as a side note, my friend just pointed out to me the existence of wowmatrix.com which essentially uses wgets like I mentioned before via curl. For those that just want to go ahead and kick curse to the curb until they fix their problems (which will probably be never... it's a rolling window of issues over there. If it's not addon quality, it's over saturated servers.)
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    Quote from Allara
    tjista, TheCracker, etc:

    You're not going to like this, but try deleting all your add-ons (after backing them up) and reinstalling them manually through the Curse Client. This is easy and straightforward, and will ensure it matches up the add-ons you expect. Take this time to also check each add-on to see if the author has updated it for 3.0, because if they haven't, no amount of updater magic will save it. For major WoW version upgrades, this should be everyone's mode of operation anyway.

    To be fair to the curse client I attempted this approach. When I first loaded up the client it recognized probably 90% of my addons, which is great by most standards. The problem came when I allowed it to update the addons- suddenly functioning addons with proper deps installed were not functioning because addons that updated were loading, but with a different name/version/something, and Wow.exe was not recognizing the deps.

    I figured hey, maybe if I wipe the slate clean and install EVERY mod from scratch and wipe out all the savedvariables the curse client will work like a champ. Wrong. For examples do clean installs of Pitbull, Atlasloot, various fubar plugins, and InFlight. Even from a clean install, these packages aren't functioning with themselves because of something as simple as dependency checking in the wow client.

    The sad thing is I only ran WAU once every few months rather than compulsively every time I started WoW. I know Thott used the cosmos updater as a vehicle to upload data so he didn't mind the bandwidth usage, but I never believed in constantly updating since it could easily ruin a nightly play session without warning.

    Surely the dev community suggested changes to the development cycle of wowace addons to have code push/version changes bundled into further apart cycles rather than having a fresh version available every time a dev committed code to the trunk. Surely even a nightly snapshot release could have solved a lot of the bandwidth issues? I'm assuming that compression was done before transmission and the wau client handle extracting compressed file, since most of the addons are just plain text?

    I guess it's all moot now that the leap has been taken, but honestly the timing was awful. But that was the point, wasn't it? Most users of WAU like myself didn't know this was coming, so our only real option on patch day is this newfangled curse client that still needs issues ironed out, and developers aren't used to yet. Downloading mods individually from web pages has an even more ungodly amount of overhead and wasted time. Curse is usually inaccessible on patch days anyways as history has shown repeatedly over the last who knows how many years. Wgets are even less bandwidth smart than update clients since the file is downloaded regardless of update status :-/

    Ironically when I set the WAU to download a mod after it had been decommissioned, it started consuming a fair amount of bandwidth doing auto-retry nonstop. Hopefully that's not going to be an issue for the bottom line operating budget.
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    Quote from phyber »

    If this was the case, then everybody would have been seeing this issue for a VERY long time. UnitLevel(unit) returns -1 for anything with a '??' level, boss mobs in raid instances, for example.

    I actually found that one of my alts that I haven't played for a very long time gets this error message. I guess I ran the broken TopScoreFu briefly when playing as him. I'll try to see if I can break TSF a few times on that character sometime and work out what's causing it.

    Date: 2008-03-07 04:41:26
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\FuBar_TopScoreFu\TopScoreFu.lua line 451:
    attempt to index local 't' (a nil value)

    I stand corrected on the -1 for level issue. I did however also notice that on the abilities causing the problem in my savevariables file do no have a corresponding normal, crit, critPVP, or normalPVP for the scenario that is causing the issue. For instance,

    ["Flame Shock"] = {
    ["normal"] = {
    ["target"] = "The Lurker Below",
    ["level"] = -1,
    ["class"] = "WARRIOR",
    ["amount"] = 761,
    ["normalPvP"] = {
    ["target"] = "Karnivveros",
    ["level"] = 70,
    ["class"] = "WARRIOR",
    ["amount"] = 610,

    I receive an error message every time flame shock crits (which as an enhancement shaman is very rare lol).

    Before I state a rash conclusion, is this kind of saved data irregular? I noticed for lightning shield on the other hand that it had a full set of all 4 types of records, but all 4 were empty since I never use it.
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    Quote from phyber »

    I'm the current maintainer for TopScoreFu.
    As far as I'm aware, the errors with 't' and 'tPvP' being nil were introduced a while back when someone other than myself made a commit to TopScoreFu. The commit was quickly reverted by someone else but anyone who ran that buggy version ended up with broken SavedVariables which seems to lead to these bugs that people are seeing.

    Since I don't get these errors myself (I never ran the broken TopScoreFu) it's very hard for me to fix them since I only have the random bug reports saying that "random variable was nil", without telling me what was happening at the time. So far, it seems that nobody has been able to give a proper guide to reproducing these bugs.

    Anyway, the most likely cause of this IS the broken SavedVariables, since the reports started coming in after that broken commit. If you think you cleared out all of your SavedVariables, perhaps you should take another look through every directory in the WTF directory to be super sure that you have.
    If you don't want to clear out all of the SavedVariables and you know what you're doing, you can probably just delete the broken records themselves from the SavedVariables files.

    EDIT: This conclusion is false, disregard.
    I investigated the nature of the corrupted SavedVariables since I've had this issue for a while. It's my belief that it is being caused by saved scores with mob levels saved as -1. If you're having this issue, I suggest you do a find and replace for -1 in the savedvariables for topscore in the directory of each of your characters. The level doens't matter as long as it's positive I believe.

    I have not tested this thoroughly, but I can't find any other abnormalities that could cause this problem, and the message only appeared when a new topscore occured for an ability that had a previous topscore saved with a -1 level.
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