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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Auto-hide Player frame in raid
    there is an option in party->other but just doesn't work in battlegrounds, works fine in instances tho
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    posted a message on Bartender2, ActionBar AddOn for Blizzards default buttons
    i got a simple trouble with bartender2, that i'm using togheter with dreamlayout and pagemaster modules

    when i login and/or reload UI WoW doesn't bind the keys to my bartender2 bars, for make the bindings work i've just to push ESCape and go in the keybindings menu.
    Just doing nothing and closing the keybinding window will make the buttons work

    is a very simple issue and don't know if already been posted, but search stuff in a 32page-long thread is not very easy :(

    PS: i've already deleted the bindings-cache.wtf and maken from scratch, another info i use keybindings based on my characters, that are mostly 2: a druid and a mage... and with both i've the same effect

    edit: before you ask if i have the last version, yes i have.... i use winaceupdater that downloads and installs automatically this and a lot of addons ;)
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