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    well first off as a suggestion, I would not place your custom textures under kgPanels, as an update or reinstall would clobber it. I personall place all mine at


    place the \\ in front

    Now for your particular .tga there is a size requirement in WoW .. the height and width values must be a power of 2

    i.e. 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512, 1024, 2048

    I would suggest this: cut up your graphic to 3 pieces, left, middle, right. Create 3 panels and just stretch the left and right to make up the difference to the edge of screen. one you place an image, you can make the frame wider/taller and wow will scale the graphic.

    WOW, great thx for the quick reply. Correct me if im wrong. the file even if cut up, will have to be in power of 2 format (say 128x512) ?

    Other than that, ill try what you wrote :-)

    Thx again !!
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    Im having a bit of a problem. I changed eePanels2 for kgPanels so i could use a custom texture. I got to the part of importing them where i encountered a problem. Im pretty sure im imputting the path correctly


    This is the exact file im using. Im not sure if there are any size, resolution, bit restrictions that have to be met ?


    The problem is, that whenever I add a texture, it doesn't show up in the preview, nor does it work on the panel.
    I tried different ways of adding it, like through ShareMedia, but with no success.

    Any ideas what might be causing the problem ?
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