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    Quote from Oxymoron »

    I'm having the same problem. This is what it looks like with no target and with a target selected. It makes it very confusing. It happens all the time and I have to zone or /reload to fix it.


    This happens to me all the time, except it can happen with the target of target frame also.

    Target of target frame bugged:
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    Quote from Aileen »

    Also seeing these errors, as well as DPS numbers being wayyyyy off. Total damage display looks fine, but people who are usually ~1300 dps for overall are showing up as 525 dps and it goes down from there.

    Actually the total damage does not seem to be fine. Recount has stopped counting damage done on boss mobs for me.
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    Feature request!

    Would it be possible to add a feature to the Chat Tabs module that would allow you to change which side the tab buttons anchor to? Instead of being in the top left I'd like to be able to move my tab buttons to either the top right or the bottom left/right so that they don't overlap with other parts of my UI. It's not really a big deal for me since I don't change tabs much, however, I have not seen this feature in any other addon.
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    The Wowhead converted mining database is missing a lot of data. For example there's no nodes for Felwood, Winterspring, Azshara, Teldrassil, Eastern Plaugelands, Western Plaguelands and there's very few nodes for places such as Un'Goro Crater, Tanaris, Burning Steppes, etc.

    Any idea on when this database will be completey converted?
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