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    Version 0.4 available. Highlights:

    * Addon details viewing.
    * Case-insensitive search in addon names and descriptions.
    * Verbose and quiet operation
    * Directory access checking for addon-, backup- and download-directory.
    * Backup directory flushing.
    * Installing and removing multiple addons with a single command.
    * Removed download-only commandline option and its implementation.
    * Changed --install (-i) to --upgrade (-U).

    Get it from http://www.deepmindstate.net/pau/pau-0.4.tar.gz
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    PythonAceUpdater (PAU) version 0.3.3 is available for testing.

    PAU is (currently) a command line tool for keeping your Ace addons up-to-date. As the name states, it is written in Python.

    Package available at http://www.deepmindstate.net/pau/pau-0.3.3.tar.gz

    At the moment I'm finishing basic functionality on command line, and I'm aiming to provide cross-platform
    user interface of some sort in future.

    Tested only with Linux and Mac OS X Python, no experiences with Windows.

    If you're interested in contributing or giving feedback, please contact me (email included in README).
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