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    This AddOn looks great, I hope that we can do a first test this evening with some of our raid.

    I have some open questions :-)
    1) Would it be possible to first collect the people interested in the item (this would be public to the raid) and then collect their bids (private, only to the lootmaster)? This is perhaps not so important.

    2) We have a bidding system, not zero-sum but with points per Bosstry and/or kill.
    I think, that I would then have to write a new module, is this right? Would it be hard to modify the zero-sum-modules? (I thought these might be the better starting point, than fixed points per item and boss.)

    I have to admit that I do not know lua (I have some experience in Perl and Objective-C, but it is quite rusty at the moment), but the code in the zero-sum-module looks clean and I think that I could handle it :-)

    3) Is it possible to deduct another amount than the bid?
    If you have only one bidder he pays just the minimum amount. (This is not needed, if 1 is possible, we assume that the sole bidder is then intelligent enough to just bid the minimum amount.)

    4) Since we often have to fill our raid with guests, there will be people without Bidder, how do you take care of them?

    5) How about the option to start DKPMon and Bidder if you are not in a Raid? Then I could do some test with friends, while they are questing.

    6) As far as I remember there is an option to export die EQdkp, does it also work with EQdkplus (which is a modded version?).
    Thats all at the moment :-)
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