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    Here's an issue I've found (with 35 pages of discussion in this thread it's possible it's been reported before, of course):
    When using Prat to set the fontsize of a chatframe to something smaller than what is normally allowed by WoW (ie. smaller than 12 points) the font-size will periodically reset to 12 points.

    This happens even if every visible chatframe has a smaller font set.

    It's possible you can get away with something like this (UNTESTED!):

    if not ChatFrame1:PratSetFont then
    ChatFrame1:PratSetFont = ChatFrame1:SetFont
    ChatFrame1:SetFont = function ( font, size, fromPrat )
    if not fromPrat then return end
    ChatFrame1:PratSetFont ( font, size )

    and using
    ChatFrame1:SetFont ( font, size, true )
    in Prat, rather than ChatFrame1:SetFont ( font, size )

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