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    I actually avoided this addon because of the name (in my opinion buttons are interactable, as in you can click/press it). However, it turns out that this addon is exactly what I needed and even exceeded my expectations. I just think the "buttons" part is a bit misleading. I used the keyword "icon" in my searches and at one point even looked for cooldown bars that can have the bars removed.
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    Quote from tsigo »

    Ran into this while I was messing with Raid frames.


    It seems the 11 to 15 and 26 to 30 groups are handling auras differently than the others.

    - Buff and Debuff size: 11
    - Max Buffs and Debuffs: 6
    - Snap
    - Sort

    Try decreasing either your number of buffs or debuffs. I previously ran into that kind of problem, and I figured that I don't need to see as many buffs as I do debuffs, so currently I have 3 buff slots and 8 debuff slots, with 1 buff slot gap in between. You can try 4/5, I'm sure that'll help fix the problem.
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    I don't know if this will help, but my game would crash after I leave a BG (I'm assuming it's because I am leaving a raid group as many others have suggested). Particularly, after I leave the BG the load screen would start up fine to the point where the bar has finished loading. THEN it crashes, pretty much right before the load screen should disappear and the game screen becomes loaded. I'm not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, because it may have to do with redrawing of the frames? I'm not a coder so I don't know if this is how it works, but I hope this helps you guys narrow down the cause.

    Also, I don't know which revision it is that the crashes started, but the main change for me before and after the crashes started occuring was that my mouse-over frame would save upon re-entering the game (before that, I had to enable the frame each time my game loaded, because the changes didn't save).

    I thought I'd just give you all the info I have then, since my post is already long...
    My raid frames also messes up during the BG where it would list the same character multiple times but when targetted would show the "actual" player that is suppose to be in that raid slot. When raid frames were disabled, I have not been able to reproduce a game crash.

    Hope this helps and that I'm not throwing you guys off with this comment.
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    I was wondering if there was a way to have the frames grow/expand from the middle for group and raid. Example below:

    1 Member: [1]
    2 Members: [1] [2]
    3 Members: [1] [2] [ 3]
    and so on...

    (with the pivot point set in the middle)

    And hopefully similar results for sorting raid groups (with raid members attached to their respective group in one column).

    This would be a helpful ability (if not already implemented) for those who are looking for symmetry in their UI.

    Thanks. :)
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    Hi, I was hoping someone could create a module to allow the outter grid ring to track swing timers. I don't know how much work or memory this would take up since the ring would be constantly changing, but it would add a more interactive feel to the UI (especially if people are using unit frames to show health, then the outter ring would become redundant and only be useful as a "cool" factor).

    Thanks. :)

    /edit - Not sure if I said exactly what I meant:

    I'm just trying to say that the mod looks great and is very practical, but to use the ring as a simple reagent counter (which in most cases is quite static) does not emphasize it's actual bar-like ability. However, it is too small to be used on something dynamic such as health or mana (which is of great importance).

    Basically, it should be used on something dynamic but nothing that the player has control over.

    Here are a few examples of what I mean:
    1. Self Casting Bar - I know it's implemented in many places and even the default Blizzard UF. But it's nothing that the player really has control over.
    2. Rogue Energy Ticker
    3. Swing Timer

    Examples above are nothing that the player can do to change; they also do not require a numeric value (as for casting timer, you should really know the length of spells u are casting anyway). It's there to give the player a feel of what is going on and to help plan future actions, but not anything that warrant an extra bar to be placed on the UI.

    This way it gives the mod a more dynamic feel which was probably the original intent of the ring-bar.

    Again, thanks, and sorry about the long post.
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