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    well there's about 8 pages in 5 threads you'll have to digest about that..

    First i'd install Cartographer, Cart_Quests,Cart_QuestObjectives.

    go to this thread:
    and get the DB files from it.

    Log out of wow,
    Put the 2 files you get in to \\WOW\\WTF\\ACCOUNT\\<AccountName>\\SavedVariables\\
    make sure the Quest DB you download is labled "Cartographer_Quests.lua" and The Objectives DB is "Cartographer_QuestObjectives.lua"

    that should do it.

    Ok, so this is what i did.

    I opened Cartographer.
    Downloaded the 2 files from the link you gave me.
    then i clicked where it says Import and chose the first one and after it finished importing i exported to the WoW folder.
    i did the same thing with both files i downloaded.

    But i still see no difference.

    The game looks the same.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Also. Can anyone post a screenshot of what it looks like or something to give me an idea?

    sorry to bother.
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    First to what?

    All i want is level fast because i hate looking at the website.

    I don't know the programs needed and i don't even know what to do.

    A guide will be appreciated.
    Thanks again.

    and no spam or flaming please.
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    Im new to this forum and my friend said i could find some add on or w/e you call it to help me do quests without going to other websites and search for it.

    I looked at the Quest thingie and the download but i dont know what to do with them and im getting lost searching.

    Can anyone tell me what to do (download) step by step if you dont mind?

    Sorry but im just a girl who gets confused really fast.

    Thanks in advance.
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