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    Just noticed a weird glitch possibly (or some other error in my ui i am not sure). As i have now started doing arena i wanted to set up a way in which i could track the duration of my cyclone on my focus unit. I enabled the focus bar (previously i never used it). I unlocked it and moved it where i wanted and resized it all well and good.

    However, when i cast cyclone via a macro i made

    /cast [target=focus] cyclone

    (taken from a forum)

    The "focus timer" which i thought would show that cyclone display does not show.

    I have already made another sticky bar for cyclone and that one is working ok.

    I then tried this - entangling roots on target, cyclone on focus - entangling roots appeared in sticky, cyclone was missing

    I then tried cyclone on focus, entangling roots on target - in that order, cyclone now appears in the sticky bar and roots doesnt show at all

    Very strange. Am i missing an option after setting up the focus bar other than "enable" to make it show? Also should the sticky bar not show the roots and the cyclone? It currently only shows the one that is cast first.

    Awesome add on by the way. It has helped me so much in correct renewing of life bloom and in Crowd control in pvp. Simnply cant imagine playing without it and i would like to thank you for taking the time to make something that really benefits other players
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    Very very nice mod and thank you fo the time and effort to make it.

    I have two issues i am trying to find an add on that resolves.

    Firstly i use clique to heal in BG's. This means i dont have to target someone to heal them. I can for example Alt+right click on their raid frame and it will cast rejuvination.

    I cannot find any mod that will track that cast until it runs out. Quartz will track it if i then select that target so i am 50% of the way there!

    I have tried all other castbar / cooldown timers. None will track a spell i cast on someone else except Chronometer and it just doesnt look anywhere near as nice as Quartz

    Secondly is it possible to filter the "buffs" shown in anyway. I really only want to see if someone has rejuv / lifebloom etc ticking on them. I dont want to see if i cast mark of the wild on them as my unit frames (ag - another amazing add on) shows this.

    Thanks in advanced and i love your add on and i am using it with pride!

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