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    My problem is on my rogue
    My normal bar (using default keybindings 1 through = ) works fine, I go into stealth and the bar changes pages and all my keybindings work, but the problem is when I exit stealth, even though the bar changes pages back to the default bar the hotkeys are still pointing to the stealth bar.

    1. Normal bar (bar 1) - all hotkeys work (default 1 through =)
    2. Enter stealth, bar changes to stealth bar (mine happens to be bar 7), all hotkeys work (again default 1 through =)
    3. Exit stealth, bar changes back to normal bar (bar 1)but hotkeys are still pointing to stealth bar (bar 7)

    a /reload ui corrects things (but not viable in combat)

    EDIT!: I must have skipped over page 30 in this thread, though I havnt tried it.. that should fix my problem.
    I should now have ZERO problems with Bartender.. Great work.
    Found this mod when looking for a replacment for DAB, great work so far.
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