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    hey guys,

    been a admirer of bongos for a long time and been fiddeling with dominos for a little while now.
    i've set 2 of my bars (calling them 1 and 2 to keep it easy ) to only show one button ( ihml macro and drums ), but when i for exampel put a potion on my "consumables" bar , the rest of bar 1 and 2 shows up even thou i've set them to 1.
    but when i enter config mode and move bars around, it's still correctly shows only one button.

    the problem is that the "ghost buttons" of 1 and 2 hovers over my bags and when i move stuff around in my bags i accidently put something onto bars 1 and 2. and they keep getting on top of my bags until i enter config and remove it. ( like a photoshop layer that have the attribute "always on top" )

    anyone know a workaround for this or am i simply missing something ? hope you understand =)

    thanks for the hard work
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