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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    same thing here.although it doesnt happen every time,i have noticed that when u are in combat and click very fast some of the autobar buttons,then the buttons dont collapse until u hover again the mouse over them.

    guys another thing.i have searched in the forum but didnt find it.
    is it possible to reallocate the queue, in which the buttons of a custom category appear on the screen, when i hover over the mouse?

    for example i have a created a custom category whose buttons popup in a vertical way.from bottom to top,the buttons which are shown are arcane intellect,remove curse and a healthstone.

    how can i reallocate the buttons,so that from bottom to top,the healthstone is shown first,then remove curse and then arcane intellect?

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    posted a message on Fubar X-perl skin ?

    because titan panel has an x-perl themed skin,which looks cool with my x-perl unitframes,i would like to know if there is an x-perl skin for fubar too.
    i have installed the futextures plugin but unfortunately it doesnt contain such skin.
    i googled the net,and the only thing i found was a post of someone,saying that fubar does have skin.if so,then where is it?

    anyway tx for this great addon and its plugins.you are doing a great job.

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