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    posted a message on Klappa - bar with popup buttons
    This mod has a great deal of promise. Kudos to the author and I certainly hope he continues working on it.

    Ive been searching for a ZHunters bar mod substitute since the original author no longer is updating it. The author of Klappa might want to take a look at that mod and see if it gives him any ideas.

    My wishlist for this mod:

    1) Change the direction in which the bars "pop" - presently they pop on the left side, which means I am unable to put the bars on the left hand side of my screen.

    2) visible cooldowns

    3) increase or decrease the number of pop up bars

    4) increase or decrease the number of buttons in each pop up bar

    The above I think constitutes the bare necessities (in my humble opinion) that this mod should address.
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