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    posted a message on LibDogTag-2.0
    Yeah - I get the same.
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    posted a message on Converting from HealBot to Grid - few questions
    I'm looking into converting from HealBot to Grid so that I can see my druid HoTs better. I've mostly made Grid look the way I'm use to but there's a few things I haven't figured out if they are possible.

    1) Fade the health bar if the unit is at (or near) full health. I've played around with "frame alpha" and "low HP warning" but it doesn't seem to work. It does fade if I add the AFK alert so it seems this should be doable.

    2) Color the health bar using a range of green->yellow->red depending on unit health percent. I like being able to quickly see by color the general health of someone - is there a way Grid can do this too instead of always the same color or just 1 color percentage?

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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Yeah - I'm having the same problem. It seems like the text sometimes doesn't show up and/or is too faded to read right.
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    posted a message on FuBar 3.0
    I've been looking at the bug where plug ins move from bar 2 to bar 1 and I've tracked it down a problem where a nil panelId is being passed to FuBar:ShowPlugin. This causes FuBar to put the plug in on panel 1 instead of the configured panel.

    I'm not sure if this is the RIGHT solution but I've fixed it by making the following changes to the FuBar.lua file:

    Change line 1299 from:

    		panelId = 1


    		panelId = self:GetConfiguredPanel(plugin);

    Add the following to the end of the file:

    function FuBar:GetConfiguredPanel(plugin)
    	panelId = 1;
    	for _,panel in ipairs(self.db.profile.panels) do
    		if panel and panel.plugins then
    			for _,part in pairs(panel.plugins) do
    				if part then
    					for i,loop_plugin in ipairs(part) do
    						if (loop_plugin == plugin:GetTitle()) then
    							return panelId;
    		panelId = panelId + 1;
    	return 1;

    It seems like the proper panelId should be getting loaded from somewhere else but I didn't have the time to get much deeper to see what is going on. This fix is probably just a band-aid for now.
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    posted a message on Sanity 2.0
    I submitted some fixes and minor features to Antiarc and it looks like the changes are now available via the updater. Try out the latest version and see if it takes care of your problems.

    Here is a brief list of the changes:


    - Compression now works again (#863 in Trac)
    - The different filters (banks, bank, mail, wearing) now work again (#833 in Trac)
    - The item tooltips now show the proper item counts (#866 and #1009 in Trac)
    - The stack count in the list now shows the proper value


    - The command "/sanity compress" will start a compress like the 1.0 version did (#864 in Trac)
    - You can shift-click on the FuBar button to do a compress (with hint in the tooltip)

    Hopefully this'll take care of the most urgent problems - Sanity seems usable again for me at least. =)
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