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    Hello Zek,

    After a week or two of testing, here is my feedback. I was using a version of zomgbuffs from curse, which I updated last Wed 19 Mar 2008 03:39:08 CET.

    Bugs I spotted :
    - I have mousewheel buffing deactivated, and bound it to another key instead. After each relog, the key to rebuff is correctly bound, however my mousewheel bindings are reset to the default (ie zoom in / zoom out), and I thus have to redo them.

    - Before I updated it last (on wednesday), the modules would often not load upon logging. I then had to log out and back in. This was fixed when I updated, though.

    I do not remember having had any error message from your addon.

    And some ideas I had to improve your addon :

    1) When people using pallypower are in my group, they do not see the blessings I am assigned to cast in their own pallypower mod if I do not have pallypower on myself. If I have it on, the blessing assignments from zomgbuffs do not change the settings of my own pallypower mod (it does correctly change other peoples pallypower settings). This means that if I want people to be able to see which blessings I have been assigned to buff, I have to manually change the pallypower settings to match the zomgbuffs settings. I would thus like to suggest that zomgbuffs changes your own pallypower settings when recieving a generated template (from yourself or others), and that zomgbuffs shows up in other peoples pallypower.

    2) In a raid, it happened once that a mage popped a water elemental. After the combat ended, zomg did let me cast a blessing on it, which obviously is a bit useless ;). It would be good (although a minor tweak) if zomg could ignore temporary combat pets (water elementals, shadowfiends, trinket spawned pets, etc ...)

    3) I for one do not like the way you assign people to their sub-roles in each class, in the blessings manager. I would prefer to have a raid-wide window instead of class-specific windows. Also, I would like to suggest that instead of putting people in the first sub-category for their class by default, they are put in an 'unassigned' category. If you then try to generate buffs assignments, it would remind you that there are people left without subcategory (and probably auto-assign them as well, but at least you are reminded that there are people not assigned to their role already).

    4) When I used a previous version, I saw a 'report missing buffs' button, which allowed me to report to the raidchat the missing buffs. I do not see that button anymore, although I liked the idea. I would like to have that possibility back :). I assume this is more a problem of me not knowing where to look or not having setup properly the addon rather than you removing the feature, though.

    5) As I told you already during our little chat online, the first time I tried to load it it did not work because I had the ace2 library disabled. I think it'd be a good idea to add ace2 to the dependencies (even though it is obvious that ace2 should be loaded :p).

    6) When I am buffing the whole raid, I do not need to have the 'Class xxx needs xxx buff' appearing on my screen at every buff. A possible little tweak would thus be to add a little delay (0,2 sec or something like that) before that message pops up. This would prevent those messages appearing mid screen when spamming my autobuffing button. It's a minor tweak, but still can improve your addon ;).

    7) And last but not least, if some documentation could be made about this, it would be great. There are quite a lot of features, and it would be good to have documentation for first-time users to understand what to do, and for more experienced users to know which option does what. I would volunteer to write some documentation, but I do not know the addon enough to be able to do good work :(.

    This is all I can think of for now. Thanks for the great work :).

    Peano, from escapism
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