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    posted a message on wow ace updater error
    no one knows whats causing this?
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    posted a message on wow ace updater error

    can anyone help me with the attached img. one day it worked the next not just loops?


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    posted a message on ERROR: Memory allocation error: Block too big. Count: Infinite
    I?ve been reading this thread and found it a relief I?m not the only one with this problem.

    Mines crashes with ?oshit? addon spamming my chat with allocation block to big and then freeze and lock and crash sometimes with an error sometimes without one.

    This only happens when I am at the AH or mailbox or a vendor with my cursor over an item and if you look at the SC you?ll see my memory usage at 350+ increain rate and doesn?t slow down either.

    Now I don?t raid so I ran some tests as my addons are limited and normal memory usage is about 25 mb however and I found out that

    Addons running with AH open that I thought it might be.

    Rating buster
    Auctioneer disabled

    i tested a couple of these and nothing much changed then I thought it might be a library file so I disabled shared media the lib files that go with it and my rate went from 350 back to a more respectable 2 kb/s increasing rate and when I took my cursor off the item would drop again.

    I don?t know if this helps but seems to be linked to my problem.

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