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    A big thank you on this That was a Big help I am back up and running hehehe :)
    U DA MAN

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    .... oy!

    Auctioneer is not a "WoWAce" hosted addon, so WAU is not useful for updating that, you'll have to do it manualy off it's website.

    as for cartographer: delete all folders in /addons then install JUST "Cartographer" as listed on WAU, not Cart1. Install the modules as normal though WAU. DO NOT INSTALL _Hotspot as it's now borked and no longer maintained.
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    posted a message on Cartographer? and Cartographer1?
    I am having trouble or I am misunderstanding something here? I have downloaded wowace updater, and I was told to download cartographer and all of its plugins "DONE" now Am I suppose to use both Cartographer and Cartographer1? if so why do I get a error message in wow about cartographer1 ?
    and I had to disable one of cartographers plugin "hotspot" to get rid of one of the errors now I have an error that says something like this.
    2.0\ AceModualeCore-2.0.lua:196: AceOO-2.0: LibRockEvent-1.0 is not an appropriate
    mixin" )
    And also I have Auctioneer and bottomscanner insatlled it worked before but now does not and inside of the addons folder I have some Items that list " Dependancy Incompatible" and are colored in red that used to work: EnhToolTip, Stubby, Informant, Auctioneer, Bottomscanner... each on says it has a dependancy for the others? What do i do to correct this? now I have used the wowace updater for all that I have installed and they all seem pretty recent upgrades. but why do I get all of these problems ? Can someone help me correct all this so I can use these addons with wow?
    I hope you can help me
    Confused LOL
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