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    posted a message on xperl custom debuff highlight
    I love xperl and everything that it offers. In particular, its ability to highlight those with debuffs that are encountered such as deadly poison in the BT council fight, dark barage in illidian, demonic sacrifice in illhoof, etc has been very useful. However, progressing through sunwell, debuffs such as burn (brutallus), encapsulate (felmyst), demonic vapor (felmyst), etc has not been implemented, making the fight difficult to see, thus forcing me to use grid. I don't like grid as much but it gets the job done. I've tried to manually add in encapsulate and such under the raid tab, configure section but even though the debuffs have been added the frame alpha "skin" does not work for the debuffs (burn, encapsulate, etc) mentioned previously.

    So, is there something that I'm doing wrong that is causing the alpha custom highlighting of debuffs to not properly function?

    Thanks in advance
    Posted in: Unit Frames
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