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    Quote from lomax »

    Req: new feature

    I think some guilds have the same problems like me , the Teamspeak lag is difference from user 2 user.

    My Idea is that u implement a Pull Countdown , simple Function.

    Go Go Go

    with a Timer Bar like sync test.

    We just use ... the sync test.

    Why add an extra feature if u can just use the sync test :p
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    my UI (not in raid)
    the "art" at the bottom is made in .lua
    all I still use from discord are the unit frames (<3 vill's unitframes) and DFM, but I'll try to switch to Visor soon ^^
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    Quote from Bant »

    Perhaps we could see some option in the future that lets us choose what frames the events go to.

    in addition, i'd really like to see an option to set the number of events shown within the window and have the ability to set line/icon height.

    ² that, wud be awesome
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    Quote from Krsnik »

    I really like this addon it shows everything you need to know about a fight in a very compact way.

    This is how I use it atm: http://krsnik.funpic.de/sbc.jpg

    One issue though: why can't I use SetTexCoord on the icons? It keeps saying invalid method or something like this.

    how did u get it to look like that? or did u edit the .lua?
    I have these open spaces between each hit, which makes it show too little info on too big of an area

    screen: http://dev.fastfwd.be/stuff/remade_ui.jpg
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    a few bugs:

    if you put the alpha OOC on 0% with a warr, your rage bar is still kinda visible when OOC and w/o target

    also, I dont really need Target info & ToT info, but when I disable those functions, and open the menu again, they're back

    besides that, love this HUD
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