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    Some time ago i encountered a strange problem with ag_UnitFrames. Without having made any changes concerning ag_UF oder any other addons, it suddenly reset all settings and ignored all changes i made, be it scale, color, portait.. anything. I targeted something and the target frame and the target of target frame reset to their original position in the default Blizzard UI in the top left corner. I moved them back to where they used to be but the next time i unselected my target and picked another one they would reset again. All profile changes were ignored, i picked different profiles but nothing happened. I tried the version a buddy used (and still uses without problems), but the issues stayed the same.

    I couldn't find any solution for this problem, so I started to use X-Perl again. It does the job, but i hate the lack of options it features and the limited customizability. Now that patch 2.2 is out, i decided to give it another shot but the problems were still there. Then i decided that it might be the time to look for another UnitFrame addon and discovered Pitbull. It seemed to work fine, tons of options, spent an hour configuring everything. Created a new profile, logged off to switch characters, logged back on and BAM, all options reset, profiles not responding, same problem as with ag_UF. I don't get any error messages, Buggrabber is deactivated, display of LUA errors is on.

    Every time I log on, all options, settings, position are reset. I can change options without problems until i want save it (or rather create a profile). All options lock up, profile changes have no effect, i have to relog and all settings are gone again.

    I'm absolutely clueless about what's going on. Maybe somebody has an idea, i don't want to be stuck with Perl again :/
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