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    Don't know if this has already been suggested (I'm too lazy to ready all 64 pages : /), but a "show only in combat" option would be veeeeery nice to declutter overloaded UIs (like mine).
    (But I guess you have enough other things to do at the moment ^^)
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    I had a strange problem with (apparently) Grid or Grid Mana Bars last Sunday (I synced to the latest version at about 18:00 cet).
    After our raid wiped at Gruul (no laughter please ;) ) I had an extreme (!) memory leak, pushing my used addon memory from about 37 MB up to over 50 within seconds, and I had repeating slowdowns (1 second stops) every 5 seconds or so. After the raid regged, everything returned back to normal. Forcing the garbage collector reduced the memory usage but did not stop the "lags".

    Grid and Grid mana bars were listed as the addons that gained the most memory, so I guess there is or was a problem there (I'm not 100% sure how much you can rely on performanceFu here).
    Is anything known in that area? Grid has seen some updates since sunday, so maybe that's already fixed?
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