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    /bb quickcheck

    read the help.
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    Recently our guild has had drama surrounding a few people not buffing their groups (mages and priests). I'd very much like to see Pallypower extended to non-paladins! It would make my job as a raid leader/buff assigner far easier, and it might simplify the jobs of our mages and druids. Since PP is almost exactly what we want already, I was wondering if it could be extended in that way.

    An additional frame with a table of priests, druids, mages, and groups 1-8 instead of classes, would be ideal. The interface could then be exactly the same. Seeing at a glance who has imp DS, imp motw, would also be quite nice.

    Turning it into a generic buff assignment addon would make my life a bit easier, and make it easier for other classes to buff.

    I have little to know Lua-fu though. :( I just wanted to get the idea out there and see if anyone responded positively.
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