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    ok Obvious Questions First,

    -Make Sure you have Cart, Cart_Professions (Included with Cart as a module), Cart_Notes (Also included with cart as a module), Cart_Mining, Cart_Herb installed AND enabled at your login screen.
    -For those who use WAU or LoD Style, make sure that these individual modules are enabled at addons screen.

    now Login to the game. Use this command:
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Professions").author
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Mining").author
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Mining").author
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Herbalism").author

    it should print out : "Chris \"kergoth\" Larson" for all 3 commands

    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Notes").author

    sould print out : "ckknight"

    --if this all has happened then you have the modules installed and enabled properly.

    Open Rock
    ->Notes section:
    make sure that "Show Mini map Icons", and Enabled are Checked.
    ->Professions section:
    Make sure it's Enabled, and your professions are set to the right option; usually "With Profession" is the option you want
    ->Herb/Mining Section:
    -Set Icon Alpha to something like 100%
    -Set Icon Size to 100%
    -Make sure "Enabled
    ->Go into Filters under that profession
    -Make sure that they are all checked / checked for the ones you want atleast.

    if this does nothing then your fk'ed, or something didn't load in the proper sequence.

    I'm rather dumb when it comes to mods I did your checklist, everything but the mine/herb section, that doesn't appear as it's own section on my addon prefs, it's no longer named rock (updated litraly 20 minutes ago). None of my nodes show, old or new.
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