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    Came across this a few days ago and been finding it a big help! Are you intending on expanding it so it also covers non-dailies? Not all of them, obviously, but ones such as the Enraged Spirits quests in Shadowmoon Valley (where you have to use that totem all the time as you chase elementals)..or is this something you'd be thinking of more as a plugin? (I notice you've implemented an API for that sort of thing.)
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    Quote from Serrot »

    Huh. It seems the culprit was Norton Internet Security after all. Disabling the components wasn't enough. I completely uninstalled it and I can update just fine now. Has anyone managed to successfully configure Norton to allow WUU to function properly? If so, how did you set it up?


    I got rid of Norton a long time ago for precisely this reason - I was working on a website at the time and despite having the ads section of the suite turned off it was still blocking the flash logo on the site...as a further bonus I got a nice little performance boost (Norton is notorious as a resource hog...)

    The other reason for this post is that I too am having problems getting WUU to unrar files - and I'm using WinXP 32bit...

    It downloads the file correctly, realises it's a rar file and renames it, but when it tries to extract it:

    2008-04-10 19:00:58: (ERROR) Installation of MarkBar failed: list index out of range

    In case you're wondering, the rar file in question is http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/11181/ and 7zip extracts it without issue. I'm using the latest beta (1.7.548)
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