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    Hi Shadowed, thanks much for a great add-on, been using it for quite a few expansions. Just recently I wondered: Is there a way to enable displaying rare enemies - and have I missed the switch for it? Thanks for any info!
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    Quote from Dridzt
    In addition to the Alt thing or rather a side issue that closely relates.

    The level range restrictions on Blizz lfg are also cumbersome.
    Means I can't look at "higher" level dungeons lfg from my lower level alt
    (or my "geared" main that can run 2-3 levels upwards of the nominal range with ease).

    I get around those on low level alts by doing a LFG for a zone while typing "not looking, just for the LFG channel" or something into the note field. Very imperfect, but yeah.

    That's what CtA did automatically, plus silencing the LFG channel.
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    Hey, I've used CTA for years. One of my all time favs, thanks for maintaining it so long!

    What I liked about it:

    - it monitored the LFG channel silently, reducing the chat spam VASTLY
    - it showed a number at the minimap, symbolizing how many people were LFG/LFM
    - it had a spam filter, so it would only display LF* that would contain one or two or more keywords, no gold sellers

    I don't need a tool that puts me in a group - in fact, I never used the group functions of CTA. I always sent a tell to the people looking for a group.

    For those functionalities I believe it's not necessary that the installed base has to be gigantic, am I correct?
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    Super cool addon, love it!

    Is there a way to report the three right tabs in talk/whisper/raid etc. as well? So far, I can only report Habits, Achievements and Disappointments.

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