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    Hi all,

    We are testing DKPMON and BIDDER in our guild. We are testing DKP fixed DKP system. we customized fixeddkp.lua to assign bosses rewards point and items cost.
    We made a karazhan test run and all was ok.

    The problem is to import the raid log to our EQDKP portal.
    We tried to use DKPmon-xml format, but our portal can't manage that string. I don't understand if that format is still under development or if we need a plugin in our portal.

    We tried to use CT_RaidTracker xml and it works. But the logs doesn't import switched pg (we switch 2 people after first kill and it doesn't appear in eqdkp portal) and there aren't any awards point.

    What is the easier way to syncronize my DKPMON log to my EQDKP portal and what i need to do manually?

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