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    Quote from Carren »

    I have a problem when I am carrying nethergon energy and super mana potions. Super mana potions are showing on the button. However, during a fight, if I take a super mana potion, the icon will change to the nethergon energy, and clicking the button again when the cooldown is up will not try to use a super mana potion. I've also noticed the icon jumps around a bit since it can't do anything.

    Is this just a limitation with the Blizzard API and in combat stuff? That was my assumption, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks.

    I'm having a very similar problem if I have both Mana Potion Injectors and Super Mana Pots in my bags and I click one during combat, the icon changes to that of the other and it will start using the other item when I click on it. Sometimes it even gets confused between 2 different stacks of Injectors and will use pots from each one instead of depleting one stack fully and then starting the next.
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    I ran into a similar problem where the Blessed Book of Nagrand was never being swapped out for any other Libram. I set a default Libram and that seemed to do the trick. I'm still not certain the BoL checks are working correctly in all situations, I have to do some more testing.

    Just informationally: I'm trying to run Librameister in what amounts to a full efficiency mode for Holy Light spam for Brutallus in Sunwell Plateau. I turned off BoL checking as I dont care about the minor bit of heal throughput. Libram of Absolute Truth for reduced cost Holy Light and turned on the check for the Libram of Mending buff to keep the mp5 buff active when possible. Blessed Book of Nagrand as FoL Libram if I run low on mana and need to mix in FoL.

    PS - Thanks so much for this great mod.
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    posted a message on Chronometer (Ace2'ed AceTimer)
    I reloaded my Ace addons with WAU w/o externals. Apparently it didnt get ParserLib, which I had to go download manually to make Chronometer work properly.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    My WAU search bar seems to be climbing its way up the screen on each successive start without any interaction from me. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Quote from KnThrak »

    A few effects which are still missing:
    Paladins, "Reckoning". Procced like Redoubt, lasts 8s.
    Paladins, "Holy Vengeance" (the DoT-proc of Seal of Vengeance), 12 duration, renews on re-proc.

    It's messages are like:
    Is afflicted by Holy Vengeance (1).
    Is afflicted by Holy Vengeance (2).

    (and so on - it stacks up to 5 times)

    I would also like to see some indication of the target being afflicated by Seal of Vengeance. Also, it seems to get confused sometimes with Judgement of Wisdom. The initial application seems to show up and the timer bar appears, but I seem to lose the bar somewhere along the way. Perhaps after a fear? I notice this at Nightbane. Even a reapplication of the Judgement doesnt seem to bring the bar back.
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    Quote from Mouce »

    It appears that a bug has returned. The one where the frames won't show when entering a battleground/raid :\

    Started today when (Jan 4th) after updating.

    I am seeing this crop up again also, all battlegrounds.
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