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    Quote from Maischter »

    could you add chatlink support to the bankview mode?

    Seconding this.

    Also, a crazy idea I had which I don't know if it would even work:

    Would it be possible to condense multiple stacks of an item to one slot?
    Like so:

    I 25(3)I

    Where 25 is the total and the number in brackets is the # of stacks. I think this would help making the bag layout a bit smaller, but obviously that would create problems with items that have charges, like enchanting oils. But I really don't need to see how many oils I lug around with me, I wanna see how many charges in total I have left. Autobar isn't much help in that respect either, it still shows me the amount of oils, I could live with a solution that shows me the oil with the lowest amount of charges left in the tooltip.

    What I'm really after though is condensing things like netherweave, plants, reagents and the like.
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    I got a weird problem with Xloot Monitor. For some reason I can't see the loot anymore, even though there seem to be no (obvious) problems. I can get the anchor to show up, and can modify all settings, I've even tried deleting the xloot preference files, without making any difference.

    Is there some obvious thing I'm missing? It used to work fine before, but even when I revert to some older version I got no luck. I know it's me since it works fine for a friend of mine (who I help with all mod-related stuff).
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