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    well, lurker here, or someone who doesnt post often on this boards but i have to say that it really annoyed me too.

    I am neither a fanboi, or someone who has never used "open source" or generally free software that is developed via the internet and i am also using SVN at work for our inhouse projects.

    Anyway, i had my fair share of trouble with finding out what is up with tinytip as well, it completely stopped working at one point and that pretty much had me spent quite some time trying to fix the problems.

    Isn't there a stable tag for releasing mods that could help people like me to avoid such problems? Whenever i use Open Source software i am given the choice to download a development and a stable version, a feature that imho ACE should adapt if there has been a paradigm shift regarding to WAU or something along the lines.
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    Thinking of a feature request: For the Party Frames i usually miss something that doesnt take away too much space, yet supply good information about health/mana/buffs and debuffs.

    How about Clock Like - Round Party Frames in the form of a circle for each player - Portrait in the middle, surrounded by two bars, Inner one being Mana Bar and Outer one being Health Bar. The Buffs/Debuffs could be placed at the right side and voila, Party Frames that take up half the space as any others :).
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