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    I've been using SmartRes for wipe recovery (and it's really nice), but it doesn't play well with the Resurrection monitor that oRA uses (I've had complaints that others can't see who I'm ressing).

    I tried adding:

    SendAddonMessage( "CTRA", "RES " .. UnitName( corpse ), "RAID" )
    if oRAPResurrection then
    	oRAPResurrection.spell = resSpell[class]
    	oRAPResurrection.target = UnitName( corpse )

    at line 179 of SmartRes.lua, and it does make my name and target show up for other people, but it doesn't stop again when I finish casting, so I assume that I've not quite got the right invocation of pseudo-global ickyness :(

    Obviously the ideal thing for me would be if there was an oRA version of SmartRes (it currently only looks at the list of current resses [it could look at the list of who has recently been ressed as well] and I think that's related to it being a client of both oRA and CTRA), but a happy medium would be a simple addition of a method to call to tell oRA that a res spell is being cast, and on who, so that all the magic can be done properly...
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