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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    Awesome on the BoB module. I'll try it out tonight.
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    posted a message on mHud - Official Thread
    Odd issue.

    The dogtags for my current hp/mana are occasionally not updating, at least for my Druid. It's probably something to do with shapeshifting, I'll have to test more. There's no produced error that I've seen, they'll just stop updating and eventually start back up.

    Also, texture rotation isn't working properly on mine. The background rotates and displays fine. The foreground, on the other hand, constantly jumps around. Anything other than horizontal/vertical texture flipping will do that.

    Little request, would it be too tough to have horizontal+vertical texture flipping? For example, mirrored health/mana bars for target and player hp/mp aren't working too well using the Fancy texture. One of them ends up upside-down almost no matter what. Easily fixed using the Arc texture, which worked out better for me anyway, but it'd be nice to have without using texture rotation.

    Edit: Tried on my lowbie rogue, same issue with the tags. Using the version from here.
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    I'd love to see a BunchofBars module with VisualHeal support. My healer guildies got hooked on BoB when I was testing it out at first (I now use BoB or Grid, depending on what I'm doing... Usually BoB). None of them use VisualHeal quite yet, just haven't gotten around to pushing it.

    Seeing how hard it would be to port over Pitbull's module now... I'm not too great at Lua, but we'll see. ^_^
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    posted a message on BunchOfBars
    Works like a charm with Clique for me, taalas.

    Only thing I could wish for is incoming heal notifications (VisualHeal support would be amazing), and some way to split up the bar grouping so that an AV group doesn't take up my entire screen.

    Perhaps I'll take a look at the healestimate code and see if I can hack something up for the first part.
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    Huh, bit of an issue here... Haven't had a chance to test out the recursive crafting fix (THANK YOU! ^_^) but today I was getting some HORRIBLE fps drops while cooking.

    No actual UI error, but this printed in the chat frame:

    LibPossessions-55090: Unable to obtain items counts using Bagnon_Forever:
    Interface\AddOns\Bagnon_Forever\db.lua:321: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink"). Will no longer use that addon

    Soon as I started cooking up some Crunchy Serpent for preemptive cooking dailies, the game would completely halt until the current cast ended, then repeat for the next cast.

    Using Combuctor Alpha3 alongside Skillet, which includes a modified/updated version of Bagnon_Forever.

    Really not sure if that's what causing it. There's no UI error or garbage increase at all, just a big FPS drop. I'll test a bit more when I'm back in Shatt.
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    Quote from MstrJonathan »

    2 feature requests

    Setting up hardened adamantite and felsteel to an smelt their base components if needed, and to take into account the base ore when calculating how many can be created.

    ie I click smelt 1 felsteel bar, the interface automatically adds 'smelth 3 fel iron' and 'smelt 2 eternium' followed by 'smelt felsteel'. A similar setup for hardened adamantite.

    A way to move items in queue up or down in the list

    Seconded on both of these.

    To clarify on the first, recursive crafting would be awesome. It's abut the only thing I REALLY miss from ATSW, since engineering has so many complex mats. Good example would be an Ornate Spyglass. 2 Bronze Tubes, 2 Whirring Gizmos, and a Copper Modulator - That's a lot of clicking for one item.

    Also, as stated, smelting Felsteel and Hardened Adamantite.

    I'm really not sure how feasible it would be without coding changes, so I'll just hope and wish. ^_^
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    posted a message on Quartz: Modular Casting Bar
    While we're talking about swing timers...

    Am I missing something, or is there no way to adjust the swing timer width aside from changing the player castbar itself, even when it's freed? Just random curiosity, and a bit of customization I'd love to have.
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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    Omen-2.1r45044\OmenThreatBar.lua:277: Unknown unit token: npctarget

    Got three of those in an hour. I believe they happened when fighting the Apexis dragons.
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    posted a message on [Request] Guild Chat Relay
    Checked it out, not gonna cut it.

    I'm working on coding the mod now. Calling it GIR (Guild Information Relay). It should be ready for SVN soon.
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    posted a message on [Request] Guild Chat Relay
    It's been done before but I can't find a recent/working addon that'll do what I need.

    My guild's working out a partial merger with another for raiding. We're a small family guild and don't want to split, so we've been working on finding ways to merge the guilds without actually leaving. One huge step in that would be a joint chat between the two guilds.

    Now, the normal approach would be to make a channel and just use that, but those are more hassle than anything - People have a habit of leaving channels, or just not using them at all. So instead of doing that, the idea is an addon to relay the guild chat across both sides.

    For example:

    My main, Saryai, is in Blue Team. In the other guild (Resurrected) is Cellophane and Vvlegendvv. Saryai and Cellophane have the addon configured and active.

    (Blue Team guild chat) [Saryai]: Legend, got news on the next Gruul raid?
    (Resurrected guild chat) [Cellophane]: BT[Saryai]: Cello, got news on the next Gruul raid?
    (Resurrected guild chat) [Vvlegendvv]: tuesday around 6pm.
    (Blue Team guild chat) [Saryai]: RS[Vvlegendvv]: tuesday around 6pm.

    This was done before in an addon called Guild 2 Guild ( ) but we can't seem to get it working and I'm not exactly great with LUA. It also seems to me that if we have more than one person on each side with the mod running, we could run into problems.

    So, I got bored at work and hashed out a new addon... I just have no idea how to code it and there's a bit of a time restriction being imposed.

    The addon would merge guild chats as described above, with redundancy and a few chatbot capabilities. The more people using it, the better.

    One person at a time would be the active broadcaster. Their copy of the addon would catch each guild message and throw it via an addonmessage over a private channel for the other guild's active broadcaster to catch and relay. Others with the addon would do a sort of ready check to see if the broadcaster is lagging or disconnected, and if it is, would assign someone else to broadcast starting from that message (if the previous broadcaster was just lagging, the duplicate message wouldn't be recognized due to having a new broadcaster).

    So, let's say four people were using the addon. Saryai and Lidrea in Blue Team with Lidrea broadcasting, Cellophane and Vvlegendvv in Resurrected with Cellophane broadcasting. [g] is guildchat, [c] is the addon channel.

    [g] [Saryai]: Testing testing.
    [c] [Saryai]: readycheck BT message 1
    [c] [Lidrea]: BT message 1 Saryai "Testing testing"
    [g] [Cellophane]: BT[Saryai]: Testing testing.

    Hopefully that's enough to work with... I'm just hoping that someone's willing to pick this up.

    Cookies and phatlewt to anyone who wants to code it. :D
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    posted a message on FuBar - From A View To A Kill Fu (Beta)
    I like the sound of that modified core file. Checking it out soon as some guildies get on.
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    posted a message on FuXPFu - (As inspired by Bant)
    Absolutely love the mod. Beautiful stuff, the Blizzard expbar's been out of my UI for months now. Couldn't go without it. =)

    Problem though... Got my main set on its own profile and showing rep instead of exp. Ever since a couple patches back, I don't see the rep text until I do something to change the text layout. All I see is the little blue XP icon until then.

    It's easy to fix, just need to swap any of the non-visible tweaks and it shows, but I'd like to have a no-maintenance repbar. My exp-gaining chars don't see the issue, it happens with all reps, and it reoccurs with any settings I try.

    Any help?
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    posted a message on [Old] PitBull - official topic
    I've been using PitBull for a week or so now, and I have to say it's a major improvement over agUF. Awesome work so far!

    I haven't had a chance to really play around with the layout code, so ignore the following requests if they're already in.

    1) Fully customizable buff/debuff locations. The current options work well enough, but pixel precision without creating a new layout would be great.
    2) Vertical health/mana bars. Wouldn't even need a new layout using them, just the functionality and know-how.
    3) Alpha by frame element. For example, laying a semitransparent castbar over the manabar for vertical real-estate.
    4) Some new spark options for visibility, maybe?
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