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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Quote from Uhuru »

    when i switch from a form directly to another with the new form to form included in patch 2.3 closetgnome equip me the healer set (default) instead of the good cat or bear set, is this possible to fix it ? this will really help.

    Cause: Blizzard's "fluid" form transitions are anything but. Rather than switch directly from cat->bear and vice versa, your current form is cancelled (putting you in caster, even if you never see it) and the form you are switching to is applied immediately. You can test yourself by trying to switch from bear to cat while stunned - You'll go to caster instead.

    So what Closetgnome sees is Bear -> Caster -> Cat. It will equip the caster set and then try to equip the set for your new form - But fail because of the weapon-swap GCD.

    Knowing that, macro one of your healing spells like so:

    /cast Lifebloom
    /equipslot 16 Healing Mace of Pwn
    /equipslot 17 Healing Offhand of Win

    Now, remove Closetgnome's automatic switch for Caster Form. When you cancel a form and cast a heal, your healing weapon(s) will be equipped at the same time as the heal is cast. On the same token, Caster Form is no longer invoking a weapon swap as soon as the game sees it, and your feral weapons will be swapped correctly as long as you're not doing crazily fast switching.

    Another advantage to this is that if you powershift for energy/rage, you won't end up with a caster weapon equipped for it.

    EDIT: Messy macro.
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    posted a message on Proximo 2.0 - Beta Testing
    Looking forward to it.

    Can 2.0 share data with 1.4? Wondering if I'll be able to test before getting teammates to snag it.
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    posted a message on PitBull_LifebloomBar
    Me likey the idea.

    I'll try it out after work. Might just convince me to set up Pitbull for raidframes... And maybe tweak your code to have one for Rejuvenation.

    Haven't looked at the code, but can I assume you're using the buffs API to look for Lifebloom duration? Depending on the code there might be some errors with multiple Druids around.
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    Got around to updating addons today.

    BunchofBars_VisualHeal needs LibHealComm-3.0 added as a dependency. Easy fix. ^_^
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    Quote from Phanx »


    I don't have any HoTs (lasers pew pew pew) but I suppose it would be marginally useful to show HoT ticks that would land before or immediately after my casting heal would land. However, I don't think this is useful enough to warrant the code bloat it would add, or the time it would take out of your other projects to add.


    Perfectly said on feature creep, Phanx. Completely agreed.

    Random request: Would it be too much pain to make overheal thresholds customizable? To one, overhealing by 25% of the heal amount could be perfectly fine, but to another that same overheal may be unacceptable. I've felt that the overheal thresholds are a little off personally, being able to set when the coloring turns from green/yellow/orange/red would be quite cool.

    I'd also agree on the HoT point if I didn't mainheal as a Druid. It's easy to forget how powerful all those HoT's can get. HoTs are an active form of healing just like any other, and while the information might not seem necessary, they really should be treated as casted heals when VH/LHC comes into play. Here's a rundown for you to show what I mean.

    HoT scenario in seconds, using estimates from around +1600 heal in my normal 17/0/44 build:

    0.0 - Rejuvenation cast
    1.5 - Lifebloom cast (1)
    2.5 - LB tick (200)
    3.0 - Begin Regrowth cast (2 seconds) + Rejuve tick (900)
    3.5 - LB tick (200)
    4.5 - LB tick (200)
    5.0 - Regrowth cast (2100), LB cast (2)
    6.0 - Rejuve tick (900), LB tick (400)
    7.0 - LB tick (400)
    8.0 - Regrowth tick (450), LB tick (400), LB cast (3)
    9.0 - Rejuve tick (900), LB tick (600)
    10.0 - Begin Regrowth cast, LB tick (600)
    11.0 - Regrowth tick (450), LB tick (600)
    12.0 - Regrowth cast (3100 crit), Rejuve refreshed, LB tick (600)
    13.0 - LB tick (600)
    14.0 - LB tick (600), LB refreshed
    15.0 - LB tick (600), Rejuve tick (900), Regrowth tick (450)

    Recap: At that 15 second mark, using a pretty normal ramp-up rotation with a couple Regrowths thrown in for burst, I've got passive healing on the tank for 1350 every 3 seconds and Lifebloom ticking for 600/second on top of that. Meaning, 1850 every 3-second mark and 600 per second otherwise.

    That's more healing output in two seconds than I can get in a Regrowth, on par with a Paladin spamming FoL at around 30% crit in equivalent gear. Per three seconds, it's pretty close to a Priest spamming GHeal.

    Completely ignoring Regrowth casts and Swiftmend (not used in that example), it's 3150 hp/3, or 1050 healing per second if you break it down. Add Renew from your friendly neighborhood Holy Priest, or even a second Druid, and you've got some serious hotstuff going on.

    Now, with VH/LHC's integration with the major unitframes, we've got three primary uses for the healing information they provide.

    1) Increase healing efficiency by seeing exactly how heals will affect a target.
    2) Decrease overheal by seeing other players' casts on a MT.
    3) Eliminate raidhealing mishaps (losing MT focus from quick patchups/AoE damage) and increase the speed of raidhealing by knowing who is being healed and for what amount.

    While some might scoff at HoT support in VH/LHC, a HoT overlay - I'd give it about a 4-second window to account for staggered HoTs - on healthbars and support for HoTs ticking before a casted heal ends on the VH bar would help immensely with all three of those, especially #3. It's worth the bloat.

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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    Quote from maia »

    I'm not using PitBull myself so I haven't seen the implementation, but speaking in general I honestly don't think any feature that has been asked for once or twice should be added if it's technically possible. That's the Microsoft Office approach in my opinion, leading to a cluttered interface and novice users being completly lost.

    Please keep VisualHeal as compact as possible, with optimal defaults. No matter how many options you add, you'll always have someone asking for another 'important' feature. It's the wrong path to take, and it's the reason why Vista is less successful than OSX.

    While I agree, I'm not entirely sure which portion of the thread you're talking about. Much of the talk has been about making the overheal bars possible to be used in tighter horizontal layouts, and customizable to a point where anyone, with a little tweaking (and good, clean defaults), will be able to heal more effectively with them.

    Doesn't count as feature creep in my book. I'd be among the first to bring that up if/when it comes around.


    HoT support? Yes please. ^_^
    I'd love to see an estimation of HoTs ticking in something like a 3-second timeframe on the bars. Give it another color, blue or something, to differentiate them from casted heals. By doing that, maybe I can get my Paladin guildies to stop trying to top off people that are hotted up.

    I'm not too sure if Lifebloom final-bloom support would be a good idea, if you're thinking of it. Aside from being tricky to code, it'd just screw up estimated healing for the spell.
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    Quote from Chaws »

    I was thinking a good solution to the inverse bar covering up the current health would be to make it half-height, like so:


    that's kinda what i'm talking about.

    Could work. I think I'd prefer the end spark, or my OH-wrapping idea from earlier (if it can actually be coded, knew it would be a pain).

    As for that spark, I'd make it customizable by the severity of the overheal. Green = 0-10%, Yellow = 11-25%, Red = 26+% of the heal amount. Or something like that, with user-defined colors for each step.

    Another idea, and probably something to do anyway, might be to work with ckknight on creating a dogtag for use in health displays. Something like "12789/15894 (112%)" for a tank's current HP and how much over the heal would end up being.

    Sorry if that doesn't make sense... Just got off a VERY long shift. >.>
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    Quote from Chaws »


    ...Alternatively, maybe allow an Inverse Overheal option, that causes a colored (again customizable) bar to go from the right edge of the health bar back toward the left. It may need to have two different colors, so you can still read their current health. If that made any sense :D

    Thanks for your hard work!

    That'd work. I group my Pitbull party in a square (when I use it, at least), I'd be running into the same issue.

    Maybe even just wrap the overheal over to the other side of the bar:

    [[[OH Continued]]]]---Health---[OH]

    Or something like that.

    xbeeps, thou'rt my hero. Just thought I'd mention that. ^_^
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    posted a message on AGUF, Better aura management?
    Something similar to BunchofBars would be godly.

    BoB lets you filter class buffs individually and also has separate rules for in-combat buffs. For example, I have M/GotW, Thorns, Soulstones, Earthshield, and a couple others shown out of combat. In combat, I only really care about wipe recovery, HoT's, and periodic healing for party members, so that's all I show.

    Not the most simple solution, but definitely the most flexible.
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    posted a message on Dock (OPEN beta)
    Kameril, I love you.

    Now, to completely redo my UI.
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    I believe there's already a module for Grid, just have to remember what it's called. So many modules...

    Kinda wondering where that BoB module went to though. It was working like a charm. ^_^
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    posted a message on Aloft - Customized Nameplates - Official Thread
    Quote from pcmodem »

    Hi, This was asked way way back in the thread but I'm not sure if it was answered - is it possible for this mod to display the target in the nameplate? (sort of like MTLove but instead of mouseover permanently tagged into the plate?)


    If my understanding of the secure code is correct, ToT info would only update if you were targeting or mousing over a hostile unit. Not even sure about mouseover. *shrug* It'd probably be easier to do for friendly units.

    Thinking about it a little more, I'd kinda like to see ToT info as well. I've got Cowtip set up to show it, but it'd be cool to see on nameplates (especially on my Warrior or Rogue, where most of my attention is on the field and hud, rather than unitframes).
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    posted a message on VisualHeal - Official Thread
    Quote from xbeeps »

    Very soon, just need to figure out where to put the modules for BunchOfBars, PitBull and Grid.

    I'd make them standalone, a'la Grid's modules. No real need to include all three in the base package.
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    posted a message on Combuctor: All in one, filterable displays for your inventory and bank
    Just a random thought, but I'd absolutely adore a Closetgnome module to show item sets (or non-set gear) in their own tabs. Probably not possible at the moment, but it would be awesome to see.

    Lovin' Combuctor so far, Tuller. Been using it since the first public alpha. /agree on guildbank support!
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    posted a message on Quartz: Modular Casting Bar
    Quote from sanemadman »

    Is it possible to make the Swing timer indicator shift color if you activate an "on next swing" ability, like maul or heroic strike?

    Bump for great justice. It'd be cool to see... A little pointless, possibly, but cool.
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