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    My AG_UnitFrames addon seems to be bugged lately, don't know how it happened though, didn't change any addons at all.
    Each time when I'm in a party and i click someone's portret, it seems to be popping up my First-Aid window each time, and it's really annoying when I need to decurse/buff someone, and same thing happens with 'target of target' as well. When it does that, it doesn't target it aswell. It doesn't seem to do this on any other characters except my mage, and I tried to copy a other char's WTF-files as well, but that didn't work either.
    It's quite annoying to target with /target <name> when you got AutoSelfcast on (buffing/decursing with clicking on player in the area quite sucks when he's behind u or something)

    you can see it here->

    and my list of addons->

    I hope someone can help with this, Thx in advance.
    - Sativea of Lightning's Blade
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