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    How is the category called that produces this error?
    Neither Bartender2 nor TinyTip should be the culprit here.

    "Advanced" tooltips merely show you what items you have in your inventory that fit the category and their count, so maybe you just missed it as not being advanced enough ;)

    Quote from jameyc »

    So far I'm enjoying this addon, but ran into a slight problem. How should I proceed when the set name is too big for a macro name, ie. cFoodBreadConjured won't fit. I could got into pt and edit the set name but that seems a little hackish...

    I'd rather set it specifically to my conjured food than generic food, as I don't like consuming anything else without intending to.

    PT provides a function to add custom sets but I don't know if it works with meta-sets (sets containing sets..). So that would be the way to go to fix this imo.

    Oh yeah, I forgot: Consumer also has preliminary cooldown support now
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    I just found this neat add-on and fell in love with it instantly :)

    I made some changes that I would like to share with you:
    • Neat-o greyed-out icons when there is no item in the category.
    • Fixed a bug that displayed a wrong item count when items were split into multiple stacks.
    • Changed the detailed tooltips around a bit.
    • Added smart self cast.
    • Updated the .toc to properly use X-Embeds.
    • Changed the BG stuff around a bit, BG potions and bandages are not shown anymore if you aren't in a BG.
    • Quantity colors are now relative to stack size.
    • Added a few more slashcmd options.

    I probably forgot sth., but that should give you a pretty good overview.

    Teh screen:


    The complete add-on is attached to this post.
    Tested with default Blizz actionbars (and I wont support other ones for now).
    If there's enough interest I'm considering to branch this add-on, we'll see...
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